Raffaella & Ferruccio

21 May 2022

Raffaella and Ferruccio are a very affectionate couple at Bagni Boncardo, a destination every summer and the scene of the longest burraco matches ever. After their wedding, Raffaella became one of the location’s greatest supporters, urging every future married couple who came to the Boncardo to choose that venue for their big day.

The wedding day was unforgettable in every moment, from the moment of arrival on the beach to the ceremony with her children and lifelong friends, to the aperitif on the beach, the dinner inside the venue and the conclusion in beauty with the cutting of the cake on the beach and the fireworks in the background.

The cake, prepared by the renowned Pasticceria Ferro, satisfied every taste with its perfect combination of flavours. The setting was taken care of by Sabrina Pellegrino, Stones and Colours, to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

In summary, Raffaella and Ferruccio’s wedding at Bagni Boncardo was an unforgettable event that left a lasting impression in the memories of the bride and groom and their guests.