Finale Ligure

Finale is the pearl of Western Liguria, its characteristic position means that you can go from the sea to the mountains in just 3 kilometres. There are many different types of tourism: from the seaside to sports activities. There are archaeological sites, historical sites and places of natural beauty. There is a charming historic Centre, medieval castles and a crystal clear sea. There are mountains, cliffs and hills, ideal for mountain biking and trekking. Finale Ligure has a fascinating past and an exciting present. In recent years Finale Ligure has become a famous centre for outdoor activities, mountain biking, climbing and trekking which, every year attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. Some of these famous international events are…the 24 hour Finale cycle event and the Enduro World series that, every year after the races in Australia and the mountains of Colorado finishes the series in the magical setting of the cliff-top trails in the hills of Finale Ligure.