Andrew & Julie

13 July 2022

Andrew, an American, and Julie, a Frenchwoman with Italian roots, were set to marry in the US in 2020, but their big day was postponed to 2021 due to pandemic restrictions. Finally, in 2022, they finally said ‘yes’ in front of the sea and their relatives from America, France and Italy in a beautiful, intimate ceremony.

The bride’s father was thrilled to walk Julie down the aisle and wanted to make the moment even more special by organising the arrival by boat. During the ceremony, guests shared anecdotes and stories with the couple, retracing their past together.

The touching ritual of ‘Ring Sharing’ made the ceremony even more unforgettable. The ring was passed from hand to hand to all the guests, allowing everyone to express their affection for the newlyweds.

This was a wonderful day full of emotions for all the guests, and especially for the couple.