Sara & Andrea

2 October 2021

At their wedding, no one escaped the dance floor, not even our staff could resist. Sara and Andrea, dear old friends, entrusted us with the organisation of their big day and we were honoured to be part of it.

The ceremony took place in the charming church of San Lorenzo in Orco Feglino. Accompanied by their lifelong friends, Sara and Andrea made their entrance on the beach to the sound of bagpipes, an instrument that accompanied Sara in many of her summers spent in the best historical re-enactments in the area. Who among you has never danced to the rhythm of the rattles on an evening at Finalborgo’s ‘Journey through the Middle Ages’? It is impossible to resist the call of the music, especially barefoot on the sand!

The aperitif was a feast of merriment and light-heartedness, with the laughter of the boys mingling with the sound of the waves of the sea. Lunch was served inside the venue, followed by an evening of wild dancing, cake cutting and atmospheric lighting. The evening ended in a romantic and simple way, with the sea, the moon, the beach, friends and a guitar.

For their wedding Sara and Andrea relied on:
Pasticceria Ferro for the wedding cake