Pasticceria Ferro

My name is Elena and I am the owner of Ferro Caffé, our historical pastry shop, that has been sweetening Finale Ligure for 150 years!
In 2000, I took over the business from the Ferro family, who had been in the business since 1872. We are very proud of our past and our reputation, and we can safely say that we are number one in the area.

Our strong point is the chifferi and the creation of cakes and cake buffets for weddings, but that’s not all: our pastry shop offers a wide range of high quality cakes and products, all prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients. Millefoglie with different fillings, tarts with fresh fruit and our famous Anna Cake!

We have a team of three highly qualified pastry chefs working with us to ensure the highest quality and variety of products.
We are able to satisfy every request, from classic to modern, from simple to elaborate.

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