In the last 4 decades Finale Ligure has become the undisputed home of rock-climbing. There are over 150 crags over an area of 10 square kilometres. As they all face in different directions and have different micro-climates, climbing is possible all year round. There are also overhangs, crags and rock slabs with different types of handholds.

In Finale Ligure you can climb on some cliffs that are directly on the sea so you can climb with the sea literally at your feet. The ones at Cape Noli (Dancing Dalle, I Pilastri, Nolitudine) have this characteristic and are made of a different limestone to that of Finale Ligure. The cliffs and rocks are made up of marine limestone, characterized by many holes, pockets and cracks. This type of rock climbing is predominantly vertical walls with the toughest single pitch usually in the last few metres.